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Hello; all of us at Agami enjoyed getting to know you and your initiative through the Prize process! We're building out a "discovery platform" for initiatives we've come across through the Prize process. The intention is to make your work discoverable by as many people as possible, particularly for those who maybe interested in collaborating or supporting your work. Could you please provide us the following information?
If you have any questions, please write to [email protected]

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Founder/Lead Entrepreneur 1 Details

Founder/Lead Entrepreneur 1: Education

Details about your work

Do you use or generate datasets through the course of your work?
Does your work engage or enable young people (below the age of 30) to participate in the process of enabling justice?
What can people connect with you for?

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As we plan to put your initiative up on our platform, someone from your team may be assigned "manager" of this profile. Who would you like to assign this to?


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